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Filming in Montrose

You can be in Anytown, Anywhere, U.S.A.

Located within a few miles of downtown Los Angeles, the Montrose Shopping Park is an attraction for a variety of filming due to its small town “Anytown, Anywhere, USA look” and its reputation for being film friendly and accessible.

Such notable film productions as “Old School”, “Teen Wolf”, “Sons of Anarchy”, “Hitchcock”, ABC Studio’s “Station 19”, “NCIS Los Angeles”, “Fatal Affair”, “Stumptown”, Disney 20th Century Fox “Lone Star”, Netflix LLC “Moxie”, as well as commercials for McDonalds, Nissan and BMW, and student filming from UCLA, Glendale Community College, and other Southern California college and university film programs, have each selected Montrose as their location of choice.

Since 1936 Montrose has been home to the iconic Montrose Bowl which offers a retro look 8 lane bowling alley which holds enormous appeal to film companies. A portion of Clint Eastwood’s “Jersey Boys” was filmed inside the Montrose Bowl with Clint appropriately directing from his director’s chair positioned outside along Honolulu Avenue.

The Montrose Shopping Park community, with its appealing small town shop charm, brick style crosswalks, signature clocks and lampposts, meandering Honolulu Avenue main street with bump out seating, outdoor restaurant eating areas, beautiful landscaped beds, and surrounded by the towering San Gabriel mountain range to the north and the Verdugo Mountains to the south is a film director/producer’s dream location.

Location directors and film tech scouts will find the Montrose Shopping Park’s Film Liaison to be open and readily available to meet and tour the site of their desired film location. Please review the MSPA Filming Guidelines below, contact the Montrose Film Liaison with email notification and cell phone follow-up a minimum of 2-3 weeks prior to your film start, and if filming is inside/outside a Montrose Shopping Park location please have approval from the location owner or manager prior to contacting the MSPA Film Liaison. NOTE: With respect to the MSPA Filming Guidelines, each filming request is handled and reviewed on its own merits.

Once the MSPA Film Liaison has approved your filming request a film permit must be obtained from FilmLA, which handles all film permits for the Montrose Shopping Park. No filming is permitted within the Montrose Shopping Park without a film permit from FilmLA.


Read the MSPA Film Guidelines Prior to setting dates and contacting the Film Liaison. All dates and scope of work are subject to approval by the Film Liaison on behalf of the MSPA.

A minimum of a 2-week notification for a “Request to Film” must be submitted in writing, via email and must include:

  • date, time & location of film request
  • scope of the shoot
  • need for interior & or interior
  • size of the cast & crew

All filming, including interior shooting, are subject to the approval of the Montrose Shopping Park Association via direct communication with Film Liaison.


Steve Pierce, Montrose Film Liaison
Call: (818) 259-5195